Thank you for visiting the conference proposal site of the New York Association of School Psychologists. We hope that you will find everything you need here to submit a proposal to our conference committee. Unfortunately, because we receive many proposals and have limited space at our conferences, we cannot accept every submission.

We are no longer accepting proposals for the 2014 Conference.
Thanks to everyone who has submitted a proposal.

Please follow the guidelines and suggestions offered here to improve your chances for acceptance. Remember, we are trying to judge your proposal based on what you send to us - so try and make sure that your submission reflects the strongest attributes of your proposal.

The NYASP 2014 conference will be held in Albany, N.Y. from November 5-7. The theme of the 2014 NYASP conference is Promoting Wellness in the Classroom and Beyond. We will be discussing topics including behavioral health, preparing children to meet the demands of a 21st century work force, and integrating the Common Core curriculum. With our unique training in behavioral health, child development, and education, school psychologists are in a position to work directly with students and families and assist all educators in meeting these challenges. Current workshop topics include behavioral health, promoting wellness, and newly released assessments. This conference will also feature a panel discussion focusing on mental health services in schools and communities. We are soliciting papers from our membership that would reflect the theme and goals of the conference.

As we are a "green" organization, we will only be accepting email submissions.

Good luck!